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International Six Nights Enduro ISNE 2018

When:  9. – 15.7.2018 Riding nights: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Thursday is for service Location: Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland Team: Gather a team of 3 - 5 riders or join one of the teams put together of solo participants Airport: Ivalo – 30 minutes from Saariselkä

Timetable:  Riding starts between 18-20 in the evening and finish is between 00-01. After that there’s a possibility for sauna, food and drinks before going to sleep.

Accommodation info and reservation: or  Most apartments have sauna, kitchen and a drier for clothing. 

Prices for a group of 5 riders/ night with your own bike and gear: 1 night 190€, 2 nights 170€, 3 nights or more 150€ / night. 

Groups with less riders than 5 costs + 25€ / night / rider. Minimum group size is 3 riders.

If you dont have your own group, you can still participate and we will gather a group for you. 

Rental bike: If you wish to rent a bike and enduro gear from Motojysky, the prices start from 350€/night monday and tuesday. From Wednesday on the routes are longer and therefore the price per night is higher 390€ / night. There is also a service car with fuel, spare parts and provisions from Wednesday on. If you ride with own enduro gear, but you still rent our bike, you get 40€ / night discount.

For more information contact us here and for reservations fill in this application. Jysky can also be contacted via telephone +358 400 733 833. His son Otto speaks better English, and Otto's telephone is +358 400 833 733.

Come and join the muddiest and most memorable event of the summer 2018!

International Six Nights Enduro history

In August 1999 we arranged an extreme enduro competition in Salla in Eastern Lapland. The competition was called X-track and it had teams of three members from all around Europe. The race was covered by Eurosport which made a 50-minute program about it and some of Europes largest motorcycle magazines. Couple of years later in 2002 we arranged our first endurosafari in Lapland and been doing it ever since.

It's been ten years since we started and we wanted to do something new, something special to celebrate our ten year journey. Being a bunch of Finns who ride enduro, we chose to just ride more. And so after testing the concept in a smaller scale this year, it's time to make it into the International Six Nights Enduro.

The idea is fairly simple. Like the ISDE (Six Days Enduro) we ride for six days. Except we dont. We will be riding by night, starting every evening at 6pm and finishing after midnight. And although the race is a night race we won't need any extra lights or special equipment because the sun stays up through the night. And after you finish? Well the local restaurants and bars serve food and drinks till 4am, so you may enjoy a nice steak and a beer after midnight watching the sun and share your experiences of the day with your fellow competitors.

The race itself isn't about who is the fastest rider. The real race is at these checkpoints we will be having along the routes. The checkpoints have different tasks you will have to perform and those performances will be timed. But not to worry, there will be plenty of riding nevertheless. There will also be 3 different stages of routes for the hardcore offroad enthusiast and in the other end for the easy going adventure biker who is after an once in a lifetime experience.

So the race takes six days. It sounds a bit much? We've made it so that you don't have to take part in all six days. You can take part in only one day or all of them and anything between those two options. All you need is to get there with two of your friends and we'll handle the rest for you. We got the bikes, the gear and can book the housing for you so basically you don't have to do anything but to show up at the right time. You may also participate with your own road legal enduro or adventure bike and riding which makes participating cheaper. And unfortunately some will have to do that since we only have a limited number of bikes. Be quick and you'll get to pick!

Our Lapland season of this years is nearly over, but we will be operating all year in Riihimäki area in Southern Finland. You can check out our gallery for photos of finnish winter and our tracks in Riihimäki. The finnish winter enduro experience is something you will not get anywhere else.

You can find last years prices from the post below and there are no significant changes to them in sight.


For reservations and other questions contact us at 

Six Nights Enduro in Saariselkä 4.-9.7.2011

Finland is hosting the Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Kotka this year. Due to this we thought that we should arrange our own competition but instead of riding six days we are riding six nights. Long story short, we start every day at 6pm and ride past midnight. There are checkpoints along the track with different tasks and your performance at the tasks is going to decide who'll be the winner. Every day ends between midnight and 2am and the local restaurant and it's terrace will be serving food and drinks till 4am. And the best thing is the sun will be up all night!

The competition is a team competition like the real one with teams of three riders. The riders can participate using their own bikes and equipment for the price of 100€(+9€ VAT)/night/person or rent the bike and equipment for the price of 300€(+27€ VAT)/night/person.

For an example housing for four is 160€/day. There are housing for 2,4 and 6 people with 1-3 bedrooms, drying cabinet, fully equipped kitchen, sauna, TV and more.

Saariselkä region also has lot of activities so that not everyone has to ride enduro. There's hiking, mountain biking, rafting, gold washing and Saariselkä also has a spa. Grocery stores, restaurants, gas station and everything else you might need is just a few minutes walk away from the housing.

You can get to Saariselkä from Helsinki by plane, train or car. The airport of Ivalo is 30km away from Saariselkä, train goes to Rovaniemi and there you can take a bus and highway 4 starts at Helsinki and goes past Saariselkä.

For more information and reservations contact us at



SNOW & ICE – Race Camp Basic Riihimäki – Finnland

KTM Sports & Events has begun marketing our safaris on 10.1.2011! 

From this link you may access their website. The price includes housing and food excluding drinks. KTM is Motojysky's single most important partner. With their help we've been able to fix the prices of these tours compared to the ones sold by us.

Please notice that these tours are in English/German.

Mestarit safarilla - Champions safari


Learning the basics: enduro beginners safari


Six Nights Enduro in Saariselkä(2/28/11)
Six Nights Enduro in Saariselkä Finland is hosting the Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Kotka this year. Due to this we thought that we should arrange our own competition..

2/21/11 2:51 PM  Motojysky ja Metsähallitus reached an co-operation agreement
1/11/11  KTM Snow & Ice Race Camp