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Motojysky ja Metsähallitus reached an co-operation agreement

2/21/11 2:51 PM

Motojysky has been approved as an official associate of the Metsähallitus.

Virtually this means that Metsähallitus has approved Motojysky's operating methods by it's strict criteria. They evaluate for instance the obeying of laws and safety regulations and how we attend to the societal obligations.

In addition Motojysky has to follow the instructions set by Metsähallitus about sustainable outdoors traveling and the principals of non-littering outdoors activity. 

Motojysky has organized enduro and ATV safaris on lands owned by Metsähallitus since 2003.

Link to the english website of Metsähallitus:

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2/21/11 2:51 PMMotojysky ja Metsähallitus reached an co-operation agreement
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