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J. Tengman Oy
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Instructions for safari

Starting place: Kinturinkuja 2, 11120 Riihimäki

Welcome to Motojysky's endurosafari. Here we have gathered some instructions to make your safari day as fun and safe as possible. Also we ask you to inform us about the issues asked in this text.

  1.  Fill in the "Signing up for safari" form atleast three days before the actual safari. The sizes are to be announced as following
  •      Helmet XS-XXL or the circuit of your head from the height of your forehead
  •      Jacket XS-XXL or 46-56
  •      Pants waist measure 28-48 inches
  •      Shoe size 38-51 or riding boot size 7-15
  •      Please mention if you use glasses while riding

The questions concerning your health condition in the form are very important so please tell us if you have any serious illness or allergies.

2.   Our garage where we start the safari is at Kinturinkuja 2 11120 Riihimäki. It is just off the Helsinki-Tampere highways intersection to Lahti about 1km to east towards Lahti.

3.   You should drink much water on the day before especially during the warm season. Water or sports drinks are preferred for this purpose. We have a zero-tolerance of alcohol due to safety so please do not drink the night before.

4.   To have enough energy to go through the day you should also eat food with much carbohydrates in it the day before. Also a good breakfast before the safari is preferrable.

5.   You should bring something to drink and eat like sports drinks and energy bars so that you won't run out of energy during the day.

6.   During the cold season (temperatures below 10°c) you should wear warm underwear. The underwear should transfer the humidity of your skin to another layer of clothing. You should also bring dry clothes for the way back home.

7.   If you've ordered the sauna please bring towels and other equipment you need with you. This also includes the drinks.

8.  The food is made by the number of participants. If you have any food allergies, please inform us about them. The dining is at our sauna where you may bring your own alcoholic drinks. We cannot sell alcohol.

9.   Endurosafari: Please tell us truthfully about your experience on motorcycles so that we are able to choose the right tracks for you.

10.  ATV-safari: Please tell us truthfully of your experience on ATV's.

The actual instructions will be given by our guides on the scene of the safari. They are experienced riders and most of them are also riding instructors. You may ask them anything about the riding, bikes and gear during the safari.

Riding offroad on different surfaces in challenging to those who don't have much experience on enduros and ATVs. That is why our guides try to match the speed to the experience of the group. This way we have managed to minimize the accidents on our safaris.

On material damage (bike and gear) the excess is up to 500€ including VAT. Most typical damages are plastics that cost less than 100€.

On bodily injuries the excess is always 500€.


The organizer of the safari is:

J. Tengman Oy         Kinturinkuja 2, 11120 Riihimäki        phone: 0400 733833

Business ID: 1635322-2        bank account 102930-319219

Index number for advance payments 90 000 98


With best regards



Jyri Tengman

0400 733833